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Erotic Domination

Available to purchase from Editions Reuss.

Ivor Braka (International Fine Art dealer) – “I was thrilled to see this beautiful and very interesting book of erotica” .

Review by Jade Issue 152 – July 2017

Leading British fetish photographer China Hamilton is no stranger to readers of JADE magazine as we have published his work on many occasions in the past and he has been a good friend to the magazine.

This latest collection from China’s lens features a host of amazing black and white images all along the theme of Erotic Domination. China is a leading light to aspiring fetish photographers both here at home and abroad, his keen eye, sense of balance and very distinctive style set him apart from his contemporaries and put him in the class of a master craftsman . . . you can order a copy of China’s latest title direct from the publisher’s website or you can buy online from Amazon.

Review by online gallery Michell 7

As the cover suggests, this new work from English photographer China Hamilton is a compilation of dark, fetishistic erotica. It’s filled with images of submission, domination, and sexual exploration. But it’s more than just another smorgasbord of Sado-Masochistic art photography – there is real beauty here. Interspersed along with nude dominatrixes and willing victims posturing to get their asses spanked, are some of the most amazing erotic nudes ever published by this master photographer. In Hamiltons hands, beautiful women spreading their legs are revealing more than just their sexual organs, they’re declaring their sexual power in a way that is almost … invitational. And its enchanting.

Hamilton notes in the preface that this may be his last book, and he seems to use that sense of finality to spur on his creative forces and those of collaborators (models whom he claims are personal friends … and sometimes more ). Throughout, his subjects pose scantily dressed in the uniform of dark boudoir (black stockings, panties, and rope) and are cloaked in the shadows of Hollywood noir. Most portray themselves in sexually enticing or submissive postures, seemingly in submission to that of the photographer and/or viewer.

Erotic Domination is an eclectic collection of erotic portraits, SM fantasies, dildo penetration studies, and beautiful women tied-up and bound. The element of sexual pain, submission, and liberation permeates. This is not for the faint of heart but is sure to thrill fans of erotic art photography and especially those favoring SM work.

Review by Tim Woodward in KFS Magazine

We have just received this lovely erotic photo book by the great China Hamilton. There are 94 full page images of stylish black and white photography, including several pictures of elite dominatrixes, including China’s long time muse, the beautiful Miss Myers.

China Hamilton says this about his photographs…

“The models and I attempt to produce work that can be shared and enjoyed by a wider audience. These women are proud of their sexuality, of their bodies and delight in knowing that their intimate revelations will be enjoyed by voyeur and connoisseur alike. I have included a number of portraits of significant Mistresses. These Dominatrixes, both clothed and revealed, demonstrate so proudly their place in the long history of this subject, skilfully fulfilling the fantasy pleasures of the ‘naughty schoolboy’ or ‘the submissive maid’.”

China says this is probably his last book, so it is a real collectors’ item.

Intimate Obsessions

Published September 2007 by Edition Reuss, available on Amazon.

Intimate Obsessions, reviewed by online gallery Michell 7 – A dark, dreamy, utterly incredible journey into a very voyeuristic wonderland. China Hamilton overwhelms us with his artistic vision.

Christopher John Ball writes in the Association of Erotic Artists review section of Intimate Obsessions – What comes across from viewing this Collection is the inherently sympathetic dialogue between artist and muse that has resulted in complete openness and trust. If you are new to the world of China Hamilton the you will find this monograph the perfect introduction to the work of this singularly unique talent.

Agnes Giard writes in the September 07 edition of MARQUIS MAGAZINE – The images are mercilessly honest and incredibly powerful. The play between the dark and abyssal aspects of erotic fantasy is brilliantly staged through the skilful use of light and shadow. Hamilton is also a poet, whose magical pictures invite their beholder to linger and enjoy icons of lust from another world.

Bittersweet Sex

BitterSweet Sex became an experience like gently immersing myself naked into a warm sea at night: dark, dangerous – and intensely exciting…

Review by Asian Sex Gazette

China Hamilton’s fine photographic artworks – Defining perfection?

Perfection is a short lived beauty, a natural beauty; youth, a flower, a sunset, a butterfly, a kiss.

Perfection is a spectacle captured in time by the viewer; China grasps the very essence of perfection, a momentary expression where pain meets pleasure, a defined instance where restriction realizes freedom; a temporal light thrown on an otherwise dark force. China Hamilton does not photograph perfection, he captures it. Bound beauty with abound sensuality.

Review by Julian Murphy – Art Director
World Erotic Art Museum, Miami Beach, Florida

The Cabinet of Dark Things

As we’ve mentioned in precious reviews of his work, China Hamilton pushes the proverbial envelope further than any other comparable photographer that we know of. Indeed, part of the undeniable potency of the images in his new book is down to the fact that Hamilton is as much a genuine Dom Master as the various women in his pictures are genuine subs.

Desire’ Magazine – Ian Jackson, Editor

The most difficult thing to do is to write a review of a book you wanted to publish yourself. China Hamilton, one of my favourite photographers has again made a great book with the EPS. Hardcover, good printing, moody dramatic-over-the edge pictures with a feeling of ‘I was part of the moment’ is the result. He knows how to create this portrait of female beauty ‘in pain’ abandoning their principles and letting go in the hands of an experienced Master. This book is a great statement of SM play, with tenderness and personal involvenment. A world misunderstood, a world to be discovered.

Secret Magazine – Jurgen Boedt, Editor