The Thirteenth Day

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How one opens the sepulchre of the mind,
To, when one least expects,
The portal wide and welcoming,
Ushers in a dawning moment that begins it all.
You are so complex, intricate and woven
Like the finest tapestry stitched by Elvin hands
In the darkest caverns of eternity,
Fashioned in the blood of all perversity.
So Fate has laid upon its gourmet plate,
A feast to savour tasting each rare flavour,
Of this woman that is you.
The pallet succulent, refreshed and new.
The best of all entangled twine,
Like fruit born grapes upon the vine
A loving tryst that treads to wine
Dark, ruby red, refreshing and divine.
A day to celebrate your repeated birth,
Rising now with strength bound so with purpose,
The seeds have started growing in their fragile ground
Strong saplings seeking sunshine so profound.