The Horse

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In my consciousness she shadowed at my side,
From this day on to teach and be my guide.
I knew so well that bright and trusting face,
Those eager eyes and posture full of grace.
That mind alive with all conviction and asureity,
Belief and energy beggar no such ambiguity.
The small and confident deftly seeking hand
Found mine and I heard her say,
“Come ease the troubles of your mind,
And through these old sun sprinkled trees,
Come walk with me.”
“Be not the mare that feared unthinking owners harsh rebukes.
That took upon her sweating back,
All their introverted, viscous insecurities.
Instead from this day on,
Know again my presence and unshaken deep belief
Never to be stolen by doubts deceptive thief.
Hold me tightly adult me.
My confidence and your deep understanding
Together once again a power,
Just as the mare once free will lift her head and cry,
These miles of glowing desert sand my pasture all until I die.”