Of a Woman

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Silence, calm normality pervades,
Then like by a distant light
The eye is caught and soon the mind,
As though by a trembling roses’ thorn.
Rich darkness feeds its fires,
With thoughts that test belief.
Yet you are real and come so close,
A woman known but still unknown.
Enigmas cry for explanation,
Destruction comes from expectation.
Tests to break the mind and heart,
Searching for that blissful moment,
Knowing she is more than all.
My art is built upon its darkness,
For darkness is my brightest light.
Her naked skin a thousand facets
Of the darkness of that light.
A shadow on the darkest day,
Hell’s union spawned her trembling soul,
Before my wondering mind I taste
The engulfing orgasm of her whole.
Her body twisting and still turning,
Erotic succulence, the lash upon its form,
Again, again and so returning,
A pain transmuted into yearning.
I must wait till I can see and hear and smell,
Examined through pained portals of sweet hell.